HR and Interview Credibility Analysis

Even the most socially adroit individuals are not perfectly capable of reading others. That’s why HR processes require extensive efforts, along with important resources such as time. Sifting through candidates for job openings in the company necessitates several rounds of interviews, contacting applicants’ references, online research, and social media monitoring. This too does not always prove fool-proof.

With our TLVA technology, employers can quickly and easily indicate which candidate possesses not only a set of values which align with those of the company, but the appropriate experience and expertise as well. At any given moment, the multi-disciplinary video analytics solution system cross-references upwards of 200 changing parameters to accurately establish a candidate’s behavioural pattern. This, in conjunction with our machine learning algorithms, creates a profile which enable the employer to assess whether applicants are well-fitted for the job. Ultimately, this eliminates an array of issues and inconveniences such mismatched skill to task and wasted resources.

The Benefits of TVLA in HR

  • Reduced time (and other resource) wastage
  • Appropriately matched jobs to candidates
  • Accurate credibility rates

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