Conducting Effective Interrogation

Key to any successful investigation, interrogation is a tough skill to master. Turn to our state-of-the-art TLVA technology for inimitable accuracy, and you’ll never worry about finding adequate experts for the task again.  Our VSA platform is designed to collect and analyze behavioral patterns both on a neuro and psychophysiological level, in either real time or offline. This allows investigators to cultivate days’ worth of data at a fraction of the time, and proceed with the appropriate decision-making ahead of the curve.

It’s thanks to technology like ours that investigations are becoming more precise and efficient than ever before. Without any need for electrodes and sensors, our system allows immediate data collection and a speedy composition of findings. This is integral to the investigative process, and plays a huge role in determining the path and continuation or non-continuation of the investigation.

Based on this in-depth data, interrogators can know with a highest degree of certainty where to put emphasis, how credible and collaborative the subject is and more, all of which are critical for a successful investigation.

The Benefits of our TLVA technology

  • Cost and resource reduction
  • Immediate suspect detection and effective analysis
  • Shorter and more accurate investigative process
  • High level of expertise
  • Precise behavioural pattern analysis

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