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Among the many challenges of suspect detection is identifying a lone operative who is not acting as part of an identified group. An individual as such walking in a swarm full of people is practically invisible to the naked eye, which is why we present to you Triple Layer Video Analytics (TLVA) Technology, which offers 360° surveillance and analysis. Based on TLVA Technology, Sensority’s Mass SDVA is uniquely designed to scan through hundreds of people per second in compactly populated areas, and easily integrates with existing security solutions to detect offenders before they strike.

The benefits of Mass SDVA

  • Seamless integration into infrastructure and security solutions that are already in place
  • Cost reduction
  • No wait-lines at check points
  • Wide-range coverage
  • Adaptable technology
  • Accuracy and efficiency
  • Triple deep sense layer security analysis

Sensority 360° Multi-Track Airport

Undoubtedly, airports are some of the most commonly-targeted locations for terrorist attacks. With thousands of travelers all condensed into one venue, the probability of a high-impact attack is greater than average. Understandably then, airport security must be impenetrable. Luckily, we at Security Smart Systems Inc.  along with Sensority can ensure this with our latest technology– a 360° Multi-Track Airport SDA solution, fit to adhere to all airport constraints. These include

  • Managing passenger flow
  • Greater capacity aircrafts
  • Multiple passenger security classifications
  • Legislative Compliance
  • Added pressure of securing extensive grounds under operational uptime and profitability

Sensority Securing 360° Multi-Track Public Transportation Security Solution

With the unfortunate rise of terrorist attacks on public transportation, transit security needs to be significantly tightened to ensure the safety of commuters worldwide. Serving the public as a network of connections, bridging countless streets and cities, the transportation system is an integral part of the majority’s daily routines. Sensority’s 360° Multi-Track Public Transportation Security Solution makes it easier than ever to

  • Monitor and combat potential terrorist threats
  • Investigate crime with HD video footage
  • Prevent defacement and vandalism
  • Increase commuters’ safety



Sensority Securing 360° Large Crowd Events

Large, densely populated events make for easy targets when it comes to breach of security. Ensuring the safety of participants requires not only anticipating but planning for potential threats including

  • Crowd overflow
  • Masked suspects
  • Alcohol-provoked violence
  • Terrorist attacks
  • Unauthorized weapons in the premises

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