When you turn to the security specialists at Security Smart Systems Inc., you’re getting a trusted partner in security to prevent, protect, and progress. With a comprehensive range of residential, commercial, and industrial applications, the long-range radar products from Magos Systems offer the perfect security solution for your rural or isolated property. Utilizing cutting-edge MIMO and digital beam forming technology, the 1000m system can detect intruders and possible threats up to 1,000 meters away, while boasting outstanding energy efficiency without compromising accuracy or performance.

Your Long-Range Radar Solution

Detecting threats from long ranges is the name of the game with the 3S-1000m radar system from Magos Systems. Small in size, low in weight, and low in power consumption, the 1000m is a highly versatile unit that is easily installed and integrated within nearly any existing system including VMS – Milestone, Aviglion, Genetec, FLIR Latitude, EXACQ, and Symphony systems. It’s high accuracy from long ranges, superior deployment capabilities, and dependability make the 1000m a great security solution for airports, critical infrastructure project sites, power plants, substations, large rural estates, oil and gas sites, and other sensitive properties. The 1000m features:

  • Advanced masking and Geo-fencing capabilities
  • Integrated video analytics target classification for Minimal FAR
  • Automatic PTZ Slew-to-cue – plug and play with ONVIF cameras
  • Easy setup and installation with a simple to use installer app and setup wizard
  • Elevation coverage of 30°
  • Mobile device operation and pairing
  • Automatic drone launch to radar detection
  • Fully unattended operation
  • Multi-site surveillance capabilities
  • Web, IP, and map-based radar control interface
  • Power consumption of <5W
  • Azimuth coverage of 100°
  • Up to 1,000m detection range
  • Only 6lb in weight
  • Full outdoor functionality
  • FCC and CE compliancy

Security Smart Systems Inc.: Your Partners in Safety

Imagine this: just one Magaos Systems 1000m unit is equal to the effectiveness of 22 thermal cameras! How’s that for cost-effectiveness? Easy to install and simple to integrate, the Magaos Systems 1000m radar system provides 360-degree protection 24 hours a day, seven days a week to keep your rural, isolated, or saturated protection area safe and secure. Focus on the success of your organization, not security threats with a simple, yet effective radar system that provides peace of mind. Ready to learn more about how the 1000m radar system can help you? Get in touch with the security professionals at Security Smart Systems Inc. to schedule a consultation.

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