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Whether you are looking to protect your home or business, the smart fence and perimeter solutions provided by the security specialists at Security Smart Systems Inc. in Toronto offer outstanding security with the utmost durability and cost-effectiveness. With a unique combination of physical barriers and performance sensors, our wide selection of smart fence and perimeter security solutions help res idential and commercial properties stay safe with the ultimate in robust defense. Smart fence technology prevents intrusions altogether by physically keeping unauthorized personnel off the property. wit h state-of-the-art detection, you’re offered an extra level of security for added peace of mind. Security Smart Systems Inc. specializes in the high-quality installation and maintenance of our comprehensive smart fence and perimeter solutions products, including:

Security Smart C&C Management Software with 3S-View

An open source C&C management software, 3S-View is a standalone solution that can be fully integrated with 3rd party C&C Management Systems. Utilizing advanced embedded unique algorithms for early detection, 3S-View can adapt to a wide range of sophisticated intrusion scenarios. Advanced filtration ensures little to no false or nuisance events.

3S-Electonic& 3S-Mechanical

Using vibration sensors, the 3S-Electronic and 3S-Mechanical smart fence is designed to stand tall in the face of complex intrusion scenarios. With its advanced design that is easily deployed on fences, walls, and concertina coils, it can stop climbing, cutting, sabotage, and other intrusions with ease.

HYDROS Passage Protection

A state-of-the-art vibration sensor metal grid provides advanced detection of underwater cutting or sabotage attempts to access water and drainage passages. The HYDROs passage protection security system can be equipped with an automatic leverage mechanism to enable water level detection in the event of flooding.

Plug-n’-Play System CU-07

Non-computerizedstandalone perimeter controller Ideal for small, unmanned and remote sitesconne cted to local or distanced C&C Center One controller. With just one sensor line, the controller requires zero maintenance.

Smart Rigid Structures

The 3S – Electronic Vibration Sensor system features 3-axis detection with no leveling required. The s mart rigid structure system featuresexceptional default ±10m detection resolution that hasbeen specially designed for rigid metal bar fences and walls. Can also be used as an underground detection system.

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