Enjoy dependable, invisible protection by SensoGuard’s standalone buried detectors, installed for you by our Security Smart Systems Inc. experts. Based on comparable seismic technology to that used in earthquake detection, and manufactured to the strictest military standards, our sensors instantly report both under and above-ground activity, alerting property owners of potential security threats before they progress. This cutting-edge technology offers the most ideal, top-tier protection, with the ability to operate unmanned through the worst weather conditions imaginable. Our customers can choose from a wide array of SensoGuard’s standalone units, including:

  • SG-1 – Seismic detector with a single sensor
  • SG-3 – Seismic detector with 3 sensors
  • SG-6 – Seismic detector with 6 sensors

Hassle-free Security

Sit back and relax while our professionals install your standalone buried sensors. Our systems can either be connected to electricity, or powered by heavy-duty lithium batteries, so you’ll never have to concern yourself with routine maintenance or pricey repairs. With false-alarm-minimizing algorithms, these sensors can be seamlessly integrated into your security for early detection and extra safety reassurance.


Experts at Security Smart Systems Inc. have leveraged their knowledge worldwide to provide 360-degree protection of oil and gas projects, power plants, data centers, solar farms, substations, corrections facilities, parking lots, agricultural farms, and other properties. To learn more, connect with our professionals at Security Smart Systems Inc. to schedule a consultation.

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