Partnered with Sensority to provide clients with wide-ranging visual stress analysis explorer software, our expertise here at Security Smart Systems Inc. surpasses physical protection. From screening prospective employees to questioning suspects, Sensority’s multi-sensing non-invasive system offers extensive predictive analytics for effective investigative and interrogative processes.

A Vast Collection of Applications

Created for military and law-enforcement uses, Sensority’s leading-edge innovations prove highly effective in countless other civilian fields or work. With accurate, real-time behavioural profiling, various professions can simplify their regular activities. Sensority’s proven technology proves effective under endless circumstances, including credit risk assessment and human resources management. The visual stress analysis explorer software features:

  • Upwards of 200 medical (and non-medical) parameters analyzed per millisecond
  • Physical and SNS analysis

Progressive machine learning algorithms to establish individual behavior patterns



Optimizing Your Technology with Security Smart Systems Inc.

If in good hands, Sensority’s ground-breaking visual stress analysis explorer software can prove highly powerful. Here at Security Smart Systems Inc., we’re devoted to adapting this technology to your everyday life, and assisting you with your security concerns. Reach out to our professionals for the newest in security—call us today for our consultation, and to hear more about what our services can do for your business.

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Visual Stress Analysis Explorer Software