For temporary worksites such as oil and gas pipeline and construction projects, it doesn’t make sense to design, install and deploy a permanent security system. That’s where SensoGuard’s unique line of portable tactical kits come in. Proven effective for military use and law enforcement, portable tactical kits provide your property with advanced protection against intruders using SensoGuard technology’s incredible ability to effectively convert vibrations in the ground caused by people, animals, vehicles, and other elements into a measurable electronic signal. Invisible, easily deployable, and undetectable, portable tactical kits offer outstanding protection for a wide range of temporary project sites such as forests and archeological digs. Let the security specialists at Security Smart Systems Inc. work with you to provide 360-degree protection of your property that is on high-alert 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Battled-Hardened Technology

Used by the military in battlefield scenarios, SensoGuard’s portable tactical kits are designed for maximum portability and easy deployment. Manufactured using only high-quality materials, portable tactical kits are impervious to adverse weather conditions, and are resistant to ground chemicals and extreme temperatures. Running on advance propriety software, SensoGuard technology boasts a long battery life compared to other buried sensors. Engineered to be used without any manpower, SensoGuard’s kits require absolutely no maintenance and can be deployed in a matter of minutes for any trained personnel.

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At Security Smart Systems Inc., we’re dedicated to the safety of your property. Utilizing our decades of experience in the security industry, we are committed to keeping residential and commercial properties in Toronto, surrounding areas, and across the world safe and secure with leading-edge technology. We use the most innovative military technology available today, and repurpose it for effective, yet affordable, residential or commercial use to prevent incidents, protect property, and progress operations. Get in touch with us today to learn more.


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